Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mysterious Fiery

Crashing into the ground with no force
No marks left to see

Silence speaks words
If you choose to listen
The answers lie there waiting
Visible if you open your eyes

Sounds create symphonies most ignore
Offering peace to those who listen

Overlooked by rushing life
Forced aside and forgotten

Feel everything, the good the bad
See the truth and speaks those words clearly
Hear the secrets floating around you

The beauty in the unknown
The beauty in you
Here and now

Friday, November 28, 2008

Single Word Meme

I've been tagged by Micheal at I haven't done one of these in ages... so why not? If you would like to do one to cut and paste into your blog. Good luck!

Here's a little about me...

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk
2. Where is your significant other? None
3. Your hair color? Blond
4. Your mother? Amazing
5. Your father? Strong
6. Your favorite thing? Music
7. Your dream last night? Didn't
8. Your dream/goal? Motherhood
9. The room you’re in? Bedroom
11. Your fear? Spiders
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Unsure
13. Where were you last night? Pub
14. What you’re not? Normal ;P
15. One of your wish-list items? 64 Mustang
16. Where you grew up? Canada
17. The last thing you did? Taught
18. What are you wearing? Clothes
19. Your TV? OFF
20. Your pet? Cats
21. Your computer? Mac
22. Your mood?
23. Missing someone? Sometimes
24. Your car? Accord-coupe
25. Something you’re not wearing? Socks
26. Favorite store? Don't-know
27. Your summer? Fun
28. Love someone? Always
29. Your favorite color? Purple
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Last week

Thursday, November 27, 2008


What’s going on here?
I am not sure where am I
What are you doing, where are you going?

Clarity doesn’t come my way
The silence is peaceful, but it gives no answers
Fresh air takes my thoughts away for a moment
But they always come back

I am waiting for something
How long will it take?

Living a dream in my head
Can’t tell what’s real
What’s in front of me?

Life isn’t black and white
There’s too many shades of gray that take hold of you
Like an anchor you’re always tugging against

I don’t have the answers
Which way to turn
The urge to take the wheel
Instead I give it to you

I will let this be
Listening to the endless thoughts in my head
But taking no action for now

Time has brought me back to you
Reasons unclear

Slowly unwinding fate

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lifes Robot

Here's a short story that I started recently... I haven't decided if I will continue with it.

Sounds of the heater fill the room. The house creaks and cracks adjusting to the warm air. The sounds of cars driving by are muted by thick glass. Curtain pulled back and tied with a bow. It’s better this way. The room is peaceful filled with the smell of sweet fruit. Everything has its’ spot, everything is in its place. This is where she belongs. For now.

A rustling begins. Her eyelids jolt, showing motion? Her feet kick back in response. Now moving from side to side as that peaceful feeling is torn away. Jerking her body in all directions, she sleeps?

Rolling back and forth in a battle, a tug-o-war with her normally fluffy blanket. She yanks on it. Hard. Trying to get comfortable. She’s loosing. Her head barely rests on a lump of something at the head of her bed. A pillow? She pulls again, this time while rolling for added strength and ends up planting her head against the wall. Owe. Peaking through the bottom of her eyelashes. Disoriented. She is blinded by the intrusive beams of light invading her room. It’s time. Tugging on the knotted mess in an attempt to shut out the light she finally surrenders to it and its undeniable power. It has won again. Her mind turns on as thoughts bombard her cocoon.

Opening her eyes there’s nothing but fog. Shut them tight. Lifting one arm after another she grows from a crumpled ball and spreads her branches. Her legs join in as she becomes as long as a tree.

Eyes wide, she examines her room. Lost in her thoughts. What day is it? Chucking one leg over the side of the spring mattress she finally gathers her head. What a mess. Her feet touch the clammy, fuzzy floor sending a shock through her body.

Like a robot, she blends into morning routine. Stripping down. Now soaking wet. Minty foam bubbles. Warm air dries her quickly.

Dressing the part she does up her neatly pressed blouse. Putting on her face, she assumes her role. Munching on tasteless cheerios she’s out the door, tea in hand, a balancing act while locking it all behind her.

Sliding into her place she turns the key and takes off. Red light stop. Green light go. Traffic stop. Radio on, protected in her bubble. Life goes on in her head. A tragedy non stop, learning to live with it again she settles into her seat. Making her way to work. Her morning comes to a halt as her bumper greets the one in front of her…

Good morning.

Destiny I Don't KNOW Your NAME

Destination is set
Goals in order
Seems so simple
Yet life keep getting in the way

Paths right there in front of you
Blind to see
In an instant a sign swerves the path of course

Tearing a new road
To get back to before
Finding yourself along the way

Challenges for the heart
Battles for your soul

Destiny playing tricks with your head
This is real

Quiet Voices

There’s always two
Tugging away

One pulls hard
Giving the other a chance to breath
regain strength

Builds his courage, he pulls again
Harder than before

The other releases and takes a

Back and forth
Time and again
This situation seems to always repeat

Heat in two pieces
Needing to be one again

Stepping back and looking at this
in different shoes

Its odd how it seems to happen
What is the significance?
Where is the significance?

Intuition says wait
Don’t act now
Hold on and live within each moment

Take it as it comes
And take the advice of your head
But always listen to the soft whispers of your heart

Times of our lives

Moments of great pain
Times of warmth and happiness
Conflicting actions torture our hearts and souls

But I say just let it be
Your time will come
When you are complete
And ready for the next stage

We must work to get there
And learn our lessons well

Struggles are hard
But there for a reason

Walking before we are
Allowed to soar

Time too Slow

Moving quickly
Feet faster than muscles can take
They cramp, tense and try to end it

Forward forward
Go and don’t stop

Emotions that make you sick rest all over
Head, stomach, nerves
A wreck


Slow down
Hold on
and cool it

and take it all in
Feel the pain
the sorrow
the urge to break down
And hold it

Let it build until you can’t take it
But hold it still

Let it hurt you and take its
And just as it escalates, takes over your whole body
release it
and never look back again

Take the Dice and ROLL

I can see you’re torn
I can hear your hearts ache

I feel your desires
Even though you tried to hide them

Which way to go, what do we do from here?

Give me your hand
I will take the lead
My heart is yours to take

My mind worries about you often
While I’m learning to let it be

I have faith in you
Now have faith in me

It’s there
I know you can feel it
I sensed it all along

Excited and
A strange combination

There’s no need to worry
It’s your move now

Full Speed Ahead

Thinking of you
she smiles
A warm feeling over takes her soul

Like it or not she’s let you in
Doors open,
heart exposed

Afraid of pain, she deals with moments of panic
Like lightning they come without warning,
hit hard
and then disappear before she realizes their inner beauty

She wonders if her heart could deal with another attack
But curious to see where you might lead her

These fears remind her to remember herself
Never loose sight

She’s fighting an inner battle of
Between her heart and her head
In a match of power

What’s in store for her?
Is she ready?
Can she take it?

Wiping the thoughts away
She moves forward
full speed ahead.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little more jaded than before

Stepping forward
Two steps backwards

Racing thoughts
Keep her still

An allusion
A dream

Wanting hope
But giving up

Near you
So far away

Pushing away moments that once were
Searching for something
Lost more than ever

It happened again
Why have faith

Can’t find her way
The paths gone

Her minds just not working properly
Building a fortress for her heart- stronger than before

A familiar Reflection

Look hard
Look deeply

Who is that there, starring back at you?
What do you see in this reflection of living?

A boy, A girl
Wonders, standing in the same spot
Who am I?
Who are we?

What have we done?
What are we to do now?

Two eyes of innocence
Doorways into the unknown
Open or shut them… tightly
Safe from the world

Questions pour out from this confusion
No answers now
Worries grow like weeds
Wrapping around each leg
Up, up, up they go circling each body

Don’t resist
Sit still and take it
Hold your breath
Now breath

Weeds disintegrate and crumble to the floor
Responses to questions with no answers show their faces,
in the reflection

It is you they are looking for
It is you they want
Take your place on stage
and prepare for something wonderful

Times Crossing

Standing at a crowded intersection she is overcome by too much, starring down her crossroads. Feet planted firmly at the edge of the sidewalk, not able to control her body as she wishes. A friendly gust of wind rolls in to play with flowing fabric and long hair. Taking her hair and pulling it up, twisting it around and over; in her face. Eyes closed she waits for it to pass. Gone for now but sure to return. The cold touches her back and sends chills up her spin. Frozen.

This intersection is busy. Expensive cars fly by in all directions. Red to green, green to red. Rain drip drops, politely touching cement, people and everything. Everyone is moving quickly around her. Their shoes pounding the side walk in strange beats. Click clack, thump, thump. Shuffling through the sounds she tries to find it. Feet float above the sidewalk as people push their way through the streets. Cars fall silent as they glide by without being. Voices fade away, mumbles nothing.

There it is, she’s found it. Like a sweet whisper it reaches her ears in kisses and fills her heart. A warmth takes over her body inside and out. Don’t walk. Yet. She watches everything in slow motion. Time to walk. He grabs her hand as they move in unison… right through it all.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Looking for moments

Thoughts crash, collide and knock you out
No exit
Too much

Damaged confusion slides in

LIttle girl

There once was a girl with big dreams
She set her goals and step by step
She reached each one.
Successful with all her endeavors

She is beautiful inside and out
She has a good life filled with moments of great happiness but also
great sadness.

With a determined mind and an internal strength she has challenged obstacles and prevailed.
Always remaining true to her self.

She often puts the needs of others first, not thinking of how she might be affected
She will go to great lengths to help those around her,
even if she does not know you well.

She has learned to smile through those tough times and hold in the tears
She holds those dear to her close and protects them from harm

Laughter keeps her young and her playful attitude keeps her going

Her intuitions are strong and usually right, however she often ignores them.
She strives for perfection but is far, far from it.

She puts her all into what she does, but does not feel like it’s good enough.
She will serve her heart on a platter, leaving it there exposed to everything
Yet she regrets nothing

She has learned a lot but still has a lot to explore.
She knows who she is, confident and strong but sometimes loses sight of her identity
and finds herself lost in her own head.

It’s those times of silence that are getting to her now.
She copes, ignores and pushes it away,
but like a raging fire it’s hard to stop.
She escapes through music and writing,
falling asleep with tears in her eyes.

Waiting for her heart to feel like it has before.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Young at heart

Her body ages
Yet her mind stays young
These changes affect her so harshly,
tormenting her ability to

She struggles with these differences but keeps her head on

She cares too much,
about all those around her.
She lends a hand without thinking twice.
Think twice.

She knows what’s right
And has a firm belief of what’s wrong.

She’ll go out on a limb for you
and believe in you when no one else does.

She knows just how to comfort you and ease your tired mind.
She loves you for you, with no exceptions.
She will always be there
regardless of what you do.
She will not judge your actions, for she knows the true you
She has faith that this person will always shine through.

She understands that you are learning.
That you may trip and fall
But knows scratches won’t stop you.
She has seen you walk tall, she knows what you can do

So mom listen to this and hear my words carefully
You are loved more than you could ever know.
We admire your strength and your courage to glow in all situations.
Stop worrying about others and put you first.

You are an irreplaceable gem that is so precious to us.

Little SIs

An amazing girl bulldozes life with her funny wit.
Her confidence pours out in every action she takes.

She’s the life of the party, the bell of the ball
up for everything and anything at all.

Her heart has a crack that has been mended
for the most part.
She’s confused and not sure which path to choose.

She’s a little lost and a bit scared of the future.
She avoids the topic and does her best to steer clear.

She is stubborn and will hold a
She has an outer shell that is tough.
Not many get through.

But catch her in a moment of silence
and you might get a glimpse of her

If you happen to be one of the few to
Consider your self lucky
You will soon learn about the truly beautiful person
she is

She will protect you from harm
while always making you laugh

Her words of kindness will help ease your worries
Those worries will soon drift away and out of sight as she always tells it
how it is.

She is whole and strong
And bulldozing her own path.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Save This For You

Save your self
She warns others
Speaking from experience
harsh lessons that had to be learned

Her past has been difficult
Actions chosen carefully
caring intentions not always giving her the results she wanted

But she is doing just fine
She’s whole and almost complete
She’s true to her heart
She’s nothing but herself

Goals set
Goals reached
She’s on her way

Now she speaks to others
and shares the hard lessons she has tackled
keeping in mind we must crawl before we can walk

Take what you need
Take what you want
Give it back
But always save yourself

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A stranger?

She walks slowly, clutching grocery bags
Stepping over mounds of litter she glances at the bare hills.
A tear rolls down her cheek

She seems to be having troubles
He notices
Tightening her grip she persists to drive her body forward

She stumbles over garbage
Airborne, apples flying
She greets the ground with a thump
Apples tumble down the street
Gathering herself and collects her belongings

A warm, calming delicate touch on her shoulder
Gracefully turning her body,
Unknowing of what was to come
of herself, of this place
She composes a smile

He hands her the runaway apples
She thinks she recognizes him
Feeling unsure, but safe in his presence
Standing on the curb, they stare at each others

A blank expression across his face
He gestures to shake her hand
Feeling uneasy
She crawls in her own skin, thinking about retreating

He opens his hand
A piece of paper
Moving his hand, closer
He gestures her to take it
Snatching it she turns to leave
Impatient with time

Opening the note she reads, “I’ll be seeing you”
Startled by the creepy feeling making its way up her back
She turns to yell at him

Confused and full of questions
She quickens her walk
Leaving her feelings along the pavement as she goes

Down the street, around the corner
Arms getting heavy
Legs weaken
steps impact the strength of the sidewalk

Suddenly she falls
Hard, damp, cold cement

She jumps up
Looks down
Only to see herself
Lying on the ground below

The man is now beside her
She notices something
She did not care to notice before
It startles her, as a wave of inner peace engulfs her soul

He motions to her to follow
She walks in his footsteps, leaving the ground behind

She makes her way
Only to know that the world she left behind
Is slowly falling apart

Teenage LoVe

One of my very early writings... from way back in highschool!

I love you

3 simple words
So complex
So difficult to deal with

To show to hide
What do I do?
Can’t tell you
Have to tell you

How do I show you?
How can I keep you?

Don’t run
Stay here with me

It’s complicated
Yet so simple
I want you
And all of who you are

Want me too
Or let me go.


Walking quickly down the street with music blearing in her ears she breathes heavily. Why? How did this happen again.
Today she was in a car accident. A fender bender but a time consuming ICBC mess ready to take over her life. That stupid bitch why didn’t she just look while before she decided to back up.
One thing at a time she thinks to her self.
The song changes, delicate piano, and a peaceful voice fill her ears… she realizes, oh no: it’s a love song.
“If you could only see the way he loves her, maybe you could understand…”

She abruptly stops.
Chaotically searching in her sweater she tries to punch the next button but accidentally presses pause and then play then pause again.
Taking her ipod out of her pocket she wants noting but to put an end to this horrible sound in her ear.
Yet, in the midst of the silence she becomes aware of her surroundings.
That’s when she notices him, noticing her.
She half smiles half panics.
Oh no she thinks to her self I look horrible…

Slipping away

The smoldering hot sun reaches my shoulder and singes my skin.
The breeze quickly takes the hot humidity away from my body.
Unaware of my approaching tide, I sit and enjoy the warmth the wind and sun combine to make.
The sand is hot and scolds my body.
I lay back, put my head down and fall into a daydream.

An interview with tree...

Tree tell me about yourself...

I am not as old as some of the trees around me however; I have been here for several decades.
I have seen the tides rise and fall through seasons and daily routines.
I have encountered the hand of the Great Wind and held on with all my might.
My roots below are strong.
The cold winters test my survival skills yearly, while the sun encourages me to grow higher and bigger.
I have seen the hills slide and have adjusted my trunk for it.
I grew out and around to reach the suns rays faster than those hidden behind me.
The ground is good here; I am always well fed.
My green cedar bows are strong.
My neighbors hugs me daily so I know that I am loved.
Small creatures visit me form time to time and chat on my branches.
I live by the water that travels to the sea.
People pass me and don’t bother me.
This suites me just fine.
I am a tree holding up the earth around me and trying to reach the sun.

Lost in hundred mile per hour thoughts

My minds running and won’t stop
Too many things and no time to do them

I make my lists intending to remember the tasks that need to be done

Leaving the house I don’t realize the list is lying on the floor
Why have I done this once again?

At the store I am distracted by shiny things on the shelves in front of me
Reaching in my purse I find no list

What was I here for?
What do I need?


The silence around me engulfs my emotions
Like a big gray cloud that follows my every step

If you only knew what you were doing
You might have been able to help
Can we undue what we have done?

Intentional destruction

Wrote this one a few years back...right before a break up

You frustrate me to the point of tears.
I try to distract myself from the overwhelming emotions I feel inside but they over come my strong fa├žade and I cave,
I break into a million pieces and fall to the floor.

I would ask: “why you do this to me”
but I know I wouldn’t get a reply.
Why is this happening, why can’t I just let it be?

Your casual attitude and your non-caring demeanor strikes me as so strange.
How can one act this way?

I care about you.
I stand right in front of you my arms and heart open.
I am here for you to take.

But you don’t see me, you walk right through me.
Clueless of what I have become.
Clueless of what you mean to me.
This madness has to stop
Something must be done
This could never be


Precious little angles
Dancing around the room
A sparkle in their eyes
A smile on their faces
They giggle with joy as they gracefully prance
Here and there
Keep them safe


My aching back reminds my body how tired it is.
The stiff feeling is familiar
My mind pictures a bed and my body wants to follow
Home I go

Rewriting a sentence

Rewriting this sentence:
“Casually he told her he loved her”

Smiling he looked deep into her soul and kissed her

Starring into her eyes he took he hand and gently kissed her

Deeply looking into her eyes he gently took her hand and kissed it.

He smiled looking deep into her eyes moved closer and kissed her.

Smiling he looked deep into her soul and kissed her.

He gracefully turned to her, smiling he kissed her soft lips

Tuning to face her he smiled and kissed her sweet soft lips

He kissed her with a smile

With a wink of his eye he gently kissed her

Glowing he turned and kissed her

Savoring the moment he kissed her gently

Whats your favorite?

Playing with words

Pure precious

A mischievous imp

Slowly drifts away, tainted by experience

Delicate, genuine intentions

A mischievous little devil

Tainted by life, slowly loses faith

The thought that counts?!

Devon: I brought you flowers

Tara: Wow, thanks
She walks to the sink looks out the window to notice the next-door neighbors garden usually bountiful with flowers, ravaged with footprints

Tara: On they smell beautiful they must have been expensive

Devon: Nothings too expensive for you!

Tara: Oh, but the stems they are so tough. Could you help me cut through them?

Devon: Of course I can, I’ll come right over
Stomping his way over to the sink
Devon : here let me get that
He tries to pull them out of her hands, she grips them hard

Tara: hold on just a second I think I might have it
The flowers go flying, stems now headless

Devon: oops what a mess

Tara: yes, yes it is isn’t it…. just like Harriet’s garden

Natural abuse

These are some of my attempts... still not sure that I got it.

Take 1:
Virgin land untouched
Pure green surroundings
Slowly falls apart

Take 2:
A virgin landscape
Tainted, greedy wants and needs
Disposed nothingness

Take 3:
A virgin landscape
Now tainted by greedy hands
Disposed emptiness

Take 4:
Our virgin landscapes
Now tainted by dirty hands

Take 5
Our virgin landscapes
Now tainted by corrupt minds
Emptiness remains

Take 6
Virgin land untouched
Now clear cut devastation
It’s gone forever

Take 7
Virgin land untouched
Everywhere devastation
It’s gone forever


A young child picks a flower
Hour by hour
Gently placing them in a vase
Stopping to tie her shoelace
She sees something there
A picture, a glare
Reflecting in the glass
A familiar something

Greatest Gift

Another character I was working on... Dialogue between a mother and her daughter

You know when I was little my favorite past time was helping my mother around the farm. There was so much to do you know and really it was fun. Even as a small child I would help by caring the basket for mom. She would check the hen house first and place them every do delicately in my basket. I remember one time I tripped, basket in hand and nearly sent the basket flying. But, there was mom, right beside me ready to catch me every time I might fall. She really was an amazing woman I wish you would have had the chance to meet her. My only regret is that I never told her how much she really meant to me, how much I appreciated all the things she did for me. Take my regrets and learn from them. You make sure the people around you know that you appreciate them, it’s the greatest gift.

Sketchbook ESCAPE

She sits on her bed, legs folded with a sketchbook resting on them. Her comforter is thrown on the floor along with her clothes and schoolbooks. Her room is filled with the smell of dirty clothes, rotten food and stale air. The glare of the ceiling lights reflects off her mirror and on to the wall to create a strange pattern of light. Her cat notices this and attempts to attack the wall. She smirks at spike and throws her a cat toy. She rests against the wall and a pile of pillows comfortably, although the expression on her face would make you think different. Her face is tense, eyebrows scrunched and lips pressed firmly together. Her eyes are focused on pages of her sketchbook. The door is shut tight and locked from the inside. They will have to knock.

Her room is overflowing with the sounds of punk/rock, screamo, music turned up to warp nine to drown out the sounds of her house.
She can’t hear them this way.
The windows in her room are small and high on the wall. She feels a chill on her bare arms from the draft sneaking in through the old single-pain windows. The chipping paint around them clashes with the freshly painted walls; a deep purple and white crown molding trim. Her walls are covered here and there with pictures of friends smiling, posing awkwardly and terrorizing the town. There are magazine clippings and short sayings pasted randomly on the walls, ceiling and the back of her door.
“The future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
“Live and let live”

She holds on to the sketchbook with one hand. In her other hand she ferociously draws on the thick pages of her book with a black marker. Her long deep brown hair falls into her eyes and on to her page. She stops suddenly, lets out a loud and deep breath of air and drops her marker. She reaches for an old tattered elastic and throws her hair up into a messy pony. Picking up her marker she goes to start again but hesitates. She studies the page and then slowly adds to it in a more relaxed manner. Frustrated, she turns the page and begins again, this time she pauses, listens to the beat of her music, taps her foot and starts in the middle of the page. Realizing she is pushing hard with her marker she places a newspaper between the pages to save the next page from running ink.

A bang on the door startles her. She stops and stares at it not moving. She hears a low muffled sound and replies with a
“Fuck off”
Why couldn’t she be an only child?
The banging continues. The door shakes and rattles with every hit from the outside. Frozen, she stops breathing, hoping the noise will stop. But it continues. The whole door shakes. It’s amazing that it has held up for so long, so many beatings. She reaches for her stereo volume and begins to turn it down. She can hear words now:

“Turn that crap down and listen to me right now”
“I will find my way in there one way or another”
She shudders at this familiar voice, fully knowing where it can lead.
“Ok, Sorry I was in the middle of doing my home work, just a second”
The banging stops and there’s nothing but silence. The creaking from the wooden frame of the house seems to be louder than usual. Spike is under the bed peeking out at the now still door. Still sitting on her bed she clumsily pulls up the mattress and slips her sketchbook in. There it is safe, hidden, it doesn’t exist.

She peels herself from the bed and begins to walk towards the door. Her heart is thumping, her footsteps shaking.
She thinks to her self ‘breath.’
She reaches for the handle stops, and picks up a black hoody and pulls it over her head leaving the hood on. Her hand trembles as she reaches for the doorknob again. Unlocks it,
and is bulldozed by the door swinging open into her face.

Character Sketches

Here are some character sketches I wrote a while back...

Oblivious to the world:
She sits on the bus listening to her ipod cranked up loud; the passengers around her can hear her music. She pays no attention to them. Keeps a beat with her foot and stares out the window. She is young and unaware of her surroundings. Her jeans are tattered around her right knee. She wears a band t-shirt and black converse shoes. Her backpack forces her to sit on the edge of her seat as she anxiously awaits her stop. She pulls the string abruptly, gets up and walks off the bus.

Unconscious actions:
About 5 9’ this older man walks with heavy footsteps. He has a huge gut but doesn’t seem to be affected by it. The sun is making him uncomfortable, he stares at it as if he were going to curse at the sun, he is sweating. The sweat drips down his face, along his ears and at the back of his neck. He walks through the crowd not moving out of the way for anyone. The sweat begins to bother him so he pulls up his shirt, reveals his big belly to all the people around him and begins to wipe his face. He takes his time and reaches for the back of his neck. The crosswalk turns to walk as he puts down his shirt and makes his way across to the other side.

A shadow of innocence:
She is nervous as other dogs come to greet her. Staying close to her dad, making sure he is in reach at all times. She is small and wearing a purple sun dress. She smiles at her dog and goes to pet it but backs away once another dog notices her.
She carefully places her foot in the water to reach a stick and throws it for her dog. Her brown hair gets caught in the breeze and blows into her face. She pushes it out of the way and looks for her sister. Slowly and cautiously she moves towards her sister. It seems as though her worries disappear as she begins to play around the water with her. She laughs and follows her sister like a shadow.

And they’re OFF:
He sees this is his chance to cross, he hobbles along with a bag hanging from one hand and a cane firmly griped in the other. His movements are awkward and almost look painful until you notice the smile on his face. Seeing as the light is still red he continues to hobble across the street, his expression turns to one of concentration. He focuses on the ground and watches his step. Ever few steps he looks up to see how much time he has left to cross. The hand is now flashing. He picks up his pace, moves a little quicker and makes it to the other side just as the light turns green and the cars accelerate. He slows his pace, relaxes his grip on his cane and continues his walk.

Contradicting behavior
He sits in the driver seat with a glare in his eye. Parked on the side of the road he waits. His music is on, he listens to the radio. He has a faded black baseball hat on his head and a white t-shirt with some printing on it. He picks up his phone and appears to be frustrated at the person on the other end. His hand begins taping on the rolled down window ledge. He throws the phone on the seat beside him as his taping hand increases speed. Faster and faster. He looks over to the passenger seat to see a girl running towards him. His hand slows and then stops. He unlocks the door and smiles as the girl jumps in beside him. He kisses her, shifts into drive and pulls into traffic.

I love Oranges

Mom’s going to have a baby again! That means I get to be a big sister twice. This time is going to be better because I am a big girl and I can do a lot of things. Last time I was only 3 so I didn’t know much about babies; that’s when my brother Brock was born. Now he’s two and I am five, I look after him. Right now mom can’t do too many fun things. That’s because the baby inside her is too heavy. So I go to school to do fun things with my friends. I think mom sleeps when I am in school. I walk to school with my mom, my brother (in a stroller) and my neighbor Ryan. Ryan is my best friend.

When we get to school mom reminds me that she will come and get me for lunch. I would rather stay home and take care of Brock today. But, mom reassures me “Sweetheart, it’s only for the morning.” Only the morning I think to myself… That is a really long time. It’s like half a day! I look around and see all the other children playing. Maybe I’ll play for a bit and then go home with mom. I tell mom “you stay here I’ll be back and then we can go.” After a few minutes I look up and see mom and Brock, Bye I wave to them and continue playing.

Now I am sitting on the floor in the circle area waiting for my teacher to get something from her desk. I look around and can’t find Ryan… oh, there he is sitting with some boys, I wonder why. I motion to him I am over here but he stays with the boys, oh well. There is quiet chatter all around me until the teacher calls our attention “Bonjour.” She smiles at us politely and waits until the chatter stops. She is gently holding a piece of chalk in one hand and wiping the board clean with the other. She pauses and then says something I don’t understand “Qu'est-ce que c’est ton favori couleur?” Then while slowly walking back and forth in front of us she says, “What is your favorite colour?” I remember mom telling me that I was going to learn French; this must be what she meant. The teacher pauses again. I sit up on my feet to get a better look when I am promptly reminded to sit with my legs crossed. I quickly adjust my body not understanding why and look up at the teacher who is standing by the chalkboard ready to write. She repeats the strange words and then asks, “Put your hand up when you are ready to tell me your favorite colour.”

This time I look around at my class and see the other kids’ hands fly up into the air automatically. I think to my self… What is my favorite colour? Well I can’t just choose one! What do I do? Everyone else has an answer, quick what is mine? How did they do that so quickly? I like green, blue, and purple, and pink because all the other girls like pink so I must too.

My hand is in the air even though I am still thinking about the question. Pick me first, I think to myself. I reach as high as I can, remembering not to sit up on my feet, even though I am sure if I did the teacher would pick me. Darn, she picked a boy, no fair. The boys seem to like blue but the teacher keeps saying “En Francais, Bleu,” ok so blue is bleu. Got it. Bleu, bleu bleu. My hand is still up, I want the teacher to pick me even though I don’t know what to say. The teacher must not see me so I decide to wave my hand back and forth to make sure she does. Finally she does “Chrysta Qu'est-ce que cest ta favori couleur?” Oh no, what is my favorite colour? I panic; “PINK” the teacher replies “rose”. Now I don’t get it, I said pink not a rose. But why did I say pink? I like purple more than pink! Too late, she wrote my answer next to my name on the board, and then calmly picks another student. Katherine says “orange”, the teacher says “orange.” Now I wish I said that, I didn’t think of that colour. Orange is a really nice colour, especially the fruit, I love oranges!