Thursday, November 13, 2008

Times Crossing

Standing at a crowded intersection she is overcome by too much, starring down her crossroads. Feet planted firmly at the edge of the sidewalk, not able to control her body as she wishes. A friendly gust of wind rolls in to play with flowing fabric and long hair. Taking her hair and pulling it up, twisting it around and over; in her face. Eyes closed she waits for it to pass. Gone for now but sure to return. The cold touches her back and sends chills up her spin. Frozen.

This intersection is busy. Expensive cars fly by in all directions. Red to green, green to red. Rain drip drops, politely touching cement, people and everything. Everyone is moving quickly around her. Their shoes pounding the side walk in strange beats. Click clack, thump, thump. Shuffling through the sounds she tries to find it. Feet float above the sidewalk as people push their way through the streets. Cars fall silent as they glide by without being. Voices fade away, mumbles nothing.

There it is, she’s found it. Like a sweet whisper it reaches her ears in kisses and fills her heart. A warmth takes over her body inside and out. Don’t walk. Yet. She watches everything in slow motion. Time to walk. He grabs her hand as they move in unison… right through it all.

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