Sunday, November 2, 2008

The thought that counts?!

Devon: I brought you flowers

Tara: Wow, thanks
She walks to the sink looks out the window to notice the next-door neighbors garden usually bountiful with flowers, ravaged with footprints

Tara: On they smell beautiful they must have been expensive

Devon: Nothings too expensive for you!

Tara: Oh, but the stems they are so tough. Could you help me cut through them?

Devon: Of course I can, I’ll come right over
Stomping his way over to the sink
Devon : here let me get that
He tries to pull them out of her hands, she grips them hard

Tara: hold on just a second I think I might have it
The flowers go flying, stems now headless

Devon: oops what a mess

Tara: yes, yes it is isn’t it…. just like Harriet’s garden

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