Friday, January 30, 2009

A round and a round we go

Around we go
but always leading back to you

Sideways and upside down
I always find my way to you

Running in circles
Taking my time
Zig and Zagging right to you

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lost Hope

Time assaults his body like the relentless beating of a bat.
Eyes hang in sorrow
Stubble takes over his rosy cheeks

He smells of rank liquor,
dirt and rotten food.
He walks with hesitation,
pain in each step.

You do not know him,
or his frightening story.
You don’t even take notice as he fades into the scenery.

He doesn’t ask for anything.
Making his way the best he can.
His battle ended long ago and yet time slowly ticks on.

He is in every city,
every dark hopeless alley.

You’ve seen him and ignored him,
continuing to live in a illusion of what really is.

But stop
and think.
He might be someones dad
He is a son to his parents
An uncle, a friend.

He is here as you and I
With a purpose to find, a route to travel.

Yet sometimes we need help along the way
A kind reminder that we’re in it together

Think twice
Next time you see him
When you react to his broken smile
To an outer exterior masking what truly lies beneath.

Not a dream

In a big arm chair she rests. Gazing upon the world through hollow glass and cynical eyes. There are no marks, no signs it even happened as memories play back in an endless loop. What was so blurry seems so clear. Sometimes.

Wondering off in all directions, a heart torn, mind in pieces. Battling herself.

What has come of this, it must have a purpose, a greater reason for happening. She could have died in that moment. Yet the truck somersaulted across the snow bank and came to a stop passengers in tact.

A winkled page in the saga of HER. Blank pages rest beside, just waiting to be written. Her story is powerful. Her story is struggle.

Listen to her words. Hidden here between the lines. Take notes from her lessons but do not follow in her footprints. A road less traveled.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holding On

I pretend that I am guarded. An impenetrable fortress.
Yet I am open to world, giving too much to people that don't deserve.
My heart a spectacle on display in an emotional parade,
everyone watching from the sidelines.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Fake Reflection

Nervous emotions send static shocks through my body.
Heart beats steady and strong.
A drum that keeps a tempo for life
Relentlessly taking the beatings.
Never missing a beat

Unstable thoughts show how fragile I am
Shhh, it’s only for me to see.

You see me as strong and confident
A beautiful woman that has conquered much.

I see broken wings
Weakness in an emotional tornado.

Holding on to an image she presents it to the whole
But hides the truth.