Sunday, February 27, 2011


My eyes swell up, consumed by tears by the thought of you
The mention of your name
Passing by your familiar places
A reflection I thought I saw

How has it been a year without you?
I don’t know how I’ve done it
Without your wise advice and companionship

It was you that held the family together
The wise figure reining over us all

I wanted more time with you
Its not fair they too you

This will never be easy as I’m forced to live without you

Missing you always and
Loving you so

Chaotic Restraint

Deep breaths don’t calm the inside
Now what’s on your mind?

Impatience something difficult to over come
When nothing comes out except for manifested, unrealistic worries

A firm grip so far from reach
I like the pain
Use to the hurt
Play simplistic charades with the world

Fairytales looming in the back of my mind
Come to tragic ends in reality

Sneak away to another life
My dreams keep me safe

Living comfortably between these sheets

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The first part

Head and heart
Distractions speaking gibberish
Given control and feeling weak

Lost sight of possessions that
Should never be forgotten
Decks been dealt
So flip the table, this is not definite

Me and mine, not to be held
By undeserving hands
Closed my eyes-wide-open
Seeing nothing but static

Step back and see only a
Gone in a flash, when opportunities
Are missed

Smarter than that, take the wheel
Tie a knot around your finger
Share thoughts
Stepping through the present