Monday, July 5, 2010


There once was a girl much older than her years lived. Her experiences taught her life lessons much earlier than most. She lived through times one cannot imagine and came through as a strong woman.

But, she did not know of this strength.

She was an analyst, insightful about all those around her. If you’d ask her to help, she wouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand. She was beautiful inside and out. She had a way about her that attracted others to her.

But, she was not conscious of the power she held.

She was a healer, a caregiver to those around her. Many were captivated by her presence and yet she struggled with the messes of day-to-day life. Her mind beat down her passion as often she found herself thinking too much.

So here you are my darling, see what we all see here: A strong woman, with amazing power, grab hold and experience what is simply waiting for you to find. Let those thoughts drift out of your mind and release them to paper, don’t look back, don’t share, let them sit on these pages and vanish.

Just know this, you’ll be ok. I promise it will all work out. Learn from the experiences presented to you and tackle the next.