Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where’s the emergency exit?

Testing, testing 1,2,3…
Here we come reminding you of where you’ve been
A flash of light, a glimmer you catch
Putting pressure on cracks once healed

Reliving those moments of desire, rethinking choices and paths chosen

In the face of pain, not to repeat
Emotions that had no foundation

Hope remains something unseen, hearing the words but needing proof

Was it here or there or somewhere between?
Was it true or a trance of perfect?
That only lives in the young hearts untouched by wicked

It’s a balancing act of survival you see
Meet on need but not the other
Time to trip and fall, with no sharp landings.

Timid Control

Delusioned boy acting out lies of insecurities
Wants the best of two worlds
Barely living in one, while keeping a firm grasp on the other. She’s not allowed to leave

You could be happy living in one world
Along side one with no balancing act between your thoughts

Yet your indecision remains in each step you make keeping the fog pulled over your eyes.

When judgment crosses

The truths been told
Laid out clearly to see
Relief has come for brief moments of peace

Curious confusions put to fact
What was there all along

Yet stress and panic crash down once more
As I live here with you, in the shades of gray

I can’t explain it I just know its you
But not willing to admit it, I live in rhymes waiting for your move

You know its here as you ignore our passion
In a stage you haven’t worked through, not ready to move forward

Time will come I’m sure
You’ll see
When final decisions live eternally from our connection

No where to turn I stare blankly in front of me
Seeing nothing but haze.

Ridged Solution

A fairy tale fa├žade chips away as piece-by-piece reality takes stage.
I crumble inside holding together the parts of me force apart and heading in different directions.
Inspirations left me falling into something so liquid

Giving up the things I love
I’ve lost a part of me from there to here

Completing a circle I find myself where I once was before.
Torn between him and a dream of you.