Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sometimes I think too much but say nothing at all

Paralyzed from emotions of sorrow
I sway in still-time
Overwhelmed by a sickening feeling in my gut

I watched as it slowly fell to pieces
A bystander to destruction

Walk away with pain in your eyes
I hurt you too much
While causing you to feel something too real

In the blink of an eye it’s gone
Lost back where it begun
Too far ahead there’s no going back

The hardest thing my heart made me do was to tell you I don’t love you
I do not hate just care too much
I see where you have gone

As anger builds within, heal the wounds
And release the pain
For what not easy was never meant to be

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Across from me?

I sit here across from you
Seeing your lips move with no sounds
I wonder if I missing it
If it’s sitting here in front of me
As I watch it pass me by

Ever wonder when we know
How to tell which way to go
You’re here with me
But only for now
As our path separate
Diverge once again

Flash encounters of life
Looking for the thing we need
Seeing it starring back at me