Sunday, November 7, 2010

Matching Pieces

What blows through my mind when I think of you

Puzzles with no pictures, feelings undefined

Distance tames a heart too quick to jump in the deep, too giving before it’s earned

A links been open, I’m feeling pulled in a direction with small stepping stones

It’s these stones that turn to fast, forming leaps of faith. Reminding myself there’s no rush. I clench my teeth and resist the urge.

Another moment with you, come closer.
I have you already; you make me nervous too soon

Fits on all ends


A vision you’ve created, now take stance!
A creature I dread and feel no connection too.

What have you done with words in print, pure ignorance, sheer adolescence

I walk in fear as I stay in the light, terrified you’re in the shadows. Keeping a watch on my every move.

Pace grows faster as I sprint away from you. All relations ceased, finger held firmly on the panic, keys in hand.

You’ve twisted a framed disaster, how do you feel now?

Time to stop you're teetering on insanity

No ties left, they’re all undone
Leave me here, don’t you dare come back
I was done before we even started


There’s a wrecking ball inside my head destroying all my sanity.

Shutting the door with your foot in the way

Leaving me with questions. I can’t find the words. What was this thing now passed by?

Linger here longer, playing stories in your head. They eat away at a heart forced not to feel.

I’m standing strong, hold my ground. You don’t know me, only a flicker that once past.

Keeping links open, do you know what you do? I’m done trying it's up to you.

I turn my back and walk away, picking up pace the further I stray.

In Control

A change for the better
A change for the worse

Who is this
Someone not often noticed
Full of false hopes and useless fillers

It’s different here, pealing back protective layers
Care is given freely but never asked in return

Too proud to admit defeat
Too concrete to appear weak

A stone stood tall with long blond hair
Seeing a reflection for the 1st time

Loving yourself comes easy for most
But now must be learned
As the for the first time, the needs of others placed last

Burn The Doormat

My emotions seem to build and attack a heart already broken
Along the way I’ve lost control and miss-placed this confidence

Strength is something I will rebuild
Trust in my instinct redeemed

My hearts done being weak. I’ve learned too much the hard way.

So goodbye mistakes, there’s no place for you here
As I pick up my sword then shield the powers that once consumed me

Thick skin, something I once had. Will sustain this form again.

Awakening the inner Scorpio, I rise once more.
Reborn to take possession of my true destiny

My heart still cares, surrounded by guards of war.

Stealthy moves

A creeper out creeping, there’s mistaken confidence translated to friendship
Casual banter transforms into innocent flirtations.

Standing back waiting, need more

Wet Air

Drowning in the wind, I can’t get out
These gusts come rushing over my head and pull me under

Floating here I can’t tread the wind
Rolling blankets capsizing and vigilantly drawn below