Monday, June 28, 2010


As I step back my wall slowly appears in front of me
All too familiar
I watch it grow as the block breaks the path between you and I

You’ve done it now, there’s no turning back
Stepping tippy toed, taking a glimpse of a power you once held so ignorantly

Sad thing is, you don’t even know
I’ve captured you already
Just wait and see
It will become clear, when time decides

The tricky things is
My heart moves on, not held in one place
My peace has been said

Yours is stuck, you’ll feel it soon
As you shut out the panics of your mind and finally hear your heart

It will all come undone for us see
Hidden between the two

Learn from it now,
Don’t let me be.


I catch your eye
Just a glance, a smile
Walk my way; I’ll run a mile

Don’t come close
Toxic as can be
Fall too easily
Not easily fallen

Waiting, waiting
Time ticks on
No changes here as I carry on

Keep walking
Pass me by
Not worth the time