Saturday, February 28, 2009

Encapsulated musical moments

Isn’t it weird, how a song can take you back to a moment in time? A moment, which at the time seemed so insignificant, it held no importance. You could have never known the effect it would later produce each and every time the notes danced around you.

Then out of no where the melody attacks your body, the lyrics act like a time machine and whisk you away, back to that very moment, that tiny section in your life's saga.

Your emotions react to every beat, every lyric; while your body feels that moment in time. That moment you shared, that moment you lost. The feel of your clothes against your body, the look on his face, the love you felt. Smells are brought back strong and potent; emotions take a leap backwards and consume your nerves. Every part of your body. Your mood is instantly affected as your emotions overwhelm your senses with past desires, wants and worries. You are encapsulated in that moment. Your present emotional being becomes insignificant as you peer through a lens, watching your past replay.

I once thought that moment was nothing, and yet I am reminded of it every time that song plays. I have moved passed, forgetting, and wiping the slate clear. But as the song plays I pause and take it all in. I smile as the notes touch my heart, I do not remember it in pain. I remember that moment in time we shared, when you were mine and I was yours.

As it ends, my body is released from a bubble of my past. I am left with an emotion so sweet that ended a long time ago. It reminds me that its possible and when it’s my turn it will be back again.

Do not remember those moments in pain. They happened to prepare us for something. Something we could never understand at that moment. Don’t run away from the lyrical memories; take it in and breathe. All these moments are important. But don’t linger too long, your future is much too important. Learn to live in the now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was too blind to see,
What’s not easy
Was never meant to be.


Too good to be true. To hard to be good.
A connection so strong waiting to be caught.
Gaining momentum, lingering there


On a roller coaster going through the inclines and drops. Funny, I don’t remember buying a ticket or taking my seat. What happened.

Masquerading as a friend

She reads you like an open book, knowing which way you will turn, what path you will take before you’ve even chosen.

She gives you water as you run your marathon and then awaits you at the finish line when you have achieved your goal. Arms wide open.

She anticipates your falls and has the bandages out and ready before you’ve been hurt. Helping you back on your feet, she’s there smiling back at you.

She does not judge you or waste time in anger. She is happy and radiates joy.

She is your best friend, your other half, a guardian angel. The girl of your dreams. You just can’t see it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

History Has No Future

They flicker and capture each moment tattered and torn. Like antique cameras they record every moment through distorted lenses. Foggy glass and sharp scratches become an authentic certainty, transforming the truth.

This is my false reality, I envision through jaded eyes.

Beginning so pure, once so innocent; crushed by each experience. I can still sense the Good, its still somewhere out there. Although I can not see it anymore.

So I continue to search, eyes closed to my surroundings trying not to be swallowed up into what we only believe to be real.

Slowly removing the picture of what once was, what ought to be and piecing it back together the haze begins to fade. Piece after piece through eyes of clarity.

Judgments will not cloud this truth. My experiences will no longer control my world. Instead I see everything as it is as I wait for the indescribable to find me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blank Pages

Sitting here staring at blank pages, the words won’t come to me as they once did. Thoughts, stories and poems float through my consciousness but not making the fight to reality. For now they hide from the world protected from the harsh realities and the fakeness that surrounds me. They will not appear; putting ink to paper will not do them justice.

Instead my minds clustered with mixed emotions, half finished stories and broken thoughts of what could be, what once was and what never will be.

My ideas come in waves, taking over my body, my soul until they are released to make their powerful mark in the minds of readers? Nothingness follows, empty and drained. Wanting nothing more than to produce works of art.

Here I stand starring at a brick wall that has no top. There is no way to get around, no way over. I am stuck with the difficulties of my actions, my words and my thoughts, only smashing down the barrier when the time is right.

Bare and bloody hands bash through the brick, through the cement, through my thoughts and my images of a life that has so many ups and downs. Each hill and valley taking a little more than the one before.

I know what must be done, but my strength is not here yet. I wait patiently as I have before. Holding on to words, unspoken actions and the idea of what could be. Unveiling myself when the time is right, waiting for the moment.

Unclear beauty

The sun shines through the fog, beating its way beyond and to the ground. Water shimmers, a mirror from below. Wind blows a bone chilling, cool, refreshing, crisp air that whistles around and attacks everything in its way. Flags dance in pairs playing, the only one enjoying with the wind. The world goes on around them, not even noticing the subtle beauty hiding in the obvious.

Timeless Image

A glance of your face in reflections surrounds me,
a second look.
A ghostly figure, once there, quickly fades away,
Close my eyes tight, you’re still there,
holding on.

How did I get here?
What have I done again?
A heart that aches, reliving moments of you.
Pulled in all directions,
broken and torn.

You’re here with me,
in my reflection.
Our hearts are joined, minds running circles.
your turn.