Thursday, November 13, 2008

A familiar Reflection

Look hard
Look deeply

Who is that there, starring back at you?
What do you see in this reflection of living?

A boy, A girl
Wonders, standing in the same spot
Who am I?
Who are we?

What have we done?
What are we to do now?

Two eyes of innocence
Doorways into the unknown
Open or shut them… tightly
Safe from the world

Questions pour out from this confusion
No answers now
Worries grow like weeds
Wrapping around each leg
Up, up, up they go circling each body

Don’t resist
Sit still and take it
Hold your breath
Now breath

Weeds disintegrate and crumble to the floor
Responses to questions with no answers show their faces,
in the reflection

It is you they are looking for
It is you they want
Take your place on stage
and prepare for something wonderful


Tatum Reid said...


Carrie Amie said...

Thank you :) I really like this one, there's just something about it