Sunday, November 2, 2008

An interview with tree...

Tree tell me about yourself...

I am not as old as some of the trees around me however; I have been here for several decades.
I have seen the tides rise and fall through seasons and daily routines.
I have encountered the hand of the Great Wind and held on with all my might.
My roots below are strong.
The cold winters test my survival skills yearly, while the sun encourages me to grow higher and bigger.
I have seen the hills slide and have adjusted my trunk for it.
I grew out and around to reach the suns rays faster than those hidden behind me.
The ground is good here; I am always well fed.
My green cedar bows are strong.
My neighbors hugs me daily so I know that I am loved.
Small creatures visit me form time to time and chat on my branches.
I live by the water that travels to the sea.
People pass me and don’t bother me.
This suites me just fine.
I am a tree holding up the earth around me and trying to reach the sun.

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