Sunday, November 9, 2008

LIttle girl

There once was a girl with big dreams
She set her goals and step by step
She reached each one.
Successful with all her endeavors

She is beautiful inside and out
She has a good life filled with moments of great happiness but also
great sadness.

With a determined mind and an internal strength she has challenged obstacles and prevailed.
Always remaining true to her self.

She often puts the needs of others first, not thinking of how she might be affected
She will go to great lengths to help those around her,
even if she does not know you well.

She has learned to smile through those tough times and hold in the tears
She holds those dear to her close and protects them from harm

Laughter keeps her young and her playful attitude keeps her going

Her intuitions are strong and usually right, however she often ignores them.
She strives for perfection but is far, far from it.

She puts her all into what she does, but does not feel like it’s good enough.
She will serve her heart on a platter, leaving it there exposed to everything
Yet she regrets nothing

She has learned a lot but still has a lot to explore.
She knows who she is, confident and strong but sometimes loses sight of her identity
and finds herself lost in her own head.

It’s those times of silence that are getting to her now.
She copes, ignores and pushes it away,
but like a raging fire it’s hard to stop.
She escapes through music and writing,
falling asleep with tears in her eyes.

Waiting for her heart to feel like it has before.


Michael said...

You really make me think of my friend. This poem is like an exact description of her.

Sigh, I wish she was just happy.


Carrie Amie said...

Awe, be her friend... if she is feeling like the poem it wouldn't hurt to try and cheer her up :)