Sunday, November 2, 2008

Intentional destruction

Wrote this one a few years back...right before a break up

You frustrate me to the point of tears.
I try to distract myself from the overwhelming emotions I feel inside but they over come my strong fa├žade and I cave,
I break into a million pieces and fall to the floor.

I would ask: “why you do this to me”
but I know I wouldn’t get a reply.
Why is this happening, why can’t I just let it be?

Your casual attitude and your non-caring demeanor strikes me as so strange.
How can one act this way?

I care about you.
I stand right in front of you my arms and heart open.
I am here for you to take.

But you don’t see me, you walk right through me.
Clueless of what I have become.
Clueless of what you mean to me.
This madness has to stop
Something must be done
This could never be

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