Sunday, November 2, 2008

I love Oranges

Mom’s going to have a baby again! That means I get to be a big sister twice. This time is going to be better because I am a big girl and I can do a lot of things. Last time I was only 3 so I didn’t know much about babies; that’s when my brother Brock was born. Now he’s two and I am five, I look after him. Right now mom can’t do too many fun things. That’s because the baby inside her is too heavy. So I go to school to do fun things with my friends. I think mom sleeps when I am in school. I walk to school with my mom, my brother (in a stroller) and my neighbor Ryan. Ryan is my best friend.

When we get to school mom reminds me that she will come and get me for lunch. I would rather stay home and take care of Brock today. But, mom reassures me “Sweetheart, it’s only for the morning.” Only the morning I think to myself… That is a really long time. It’s like half a day! I look around and see all the other children playing. Maybe I’ll play for a bit and then go home with mom. I tell mom “you stay here I’ll be back and then we can go.” After a few minutes I look up and see mom and Brock, Bye I wave to them and continue playing.

Now I am sitting on the floor in the circle area waiting for my teacher to get something from her desk. I look around and can’t find Ryan… oh, there he is sitting with some boys, I wonder why. I motion to him I am over here but he stays with the boys, oh well. There is quiet chatter all around me until the teacher calls our attention “Bonjour.” She smiles at us politely and waits until the chatter stops. She is gently holding a piece of chalk in one hand and wiping the board clean with the other. She pauses and then says something I don’t understand “Qu'est-ce que c’est ton favori couleur?” Then while slowly walking back and forth in front of us she says, “What is your favorite colour?” I remember mom telling me that I was going to learn French; this must be what she meant. The teacher pauses again. I sit up on my feet to get a better look when I am promptly reminded to sit with my legs crossed. I quickly adjust my body not understanding why and look up at the teacher who is standing by the chalkboard ready to write. She repeats the strange words and then asks, “Put your hand up when you are ready to tell me your favorite colour.”

This time I look around at my class and see the other kids’ hands fly up into the air automatically. I think to my self… What is my favorite colour? Well I can’t just choose one! What do I do? Everyone else has an answer, quick what is mine? How did they do that so quickly? I like green, blue, and purple, and pink because all the other girls like pink so I must too.

My hand is in the air even though I am still thinking about the question. Pick me first, I think to myself. I reach as high as I can, remembering not to sit up on my feet, even though I am sure if I did the teacher would pick me. Darn, she picked a boy, no fair. The boys seem to like blue but the teacher keeps saying “En Francais, Bleu,” ok so blue is bleu. Got it. Bleu, bleu bleu. My hand is still up, I want the teacher to pick me even though I don’t know what to say. The teacher must not see me so I decide to wave my hand back and forth to make sure she does. Finally she does “Chrysta Qu'est-ce que cest ta favori couleur?” Oh no, what is my favorite colour? I panic; “PINK” the teacher replies “rose”. Now I don’t get it, I said pink not a rose. But why did I say pink? I like purple more than pink! Too late, she wrote my answer next to my name on the board, and then calmly picks another student. Katherine says “orange”, the teacher says “orange.” Now I wish I said that, I didn’t think of that colour. Orange is a really nice colour, especially the fruit, I love oranges!

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