Sunday, November 2, 2008


Walking quickly down the street with music blearing in her ears she breathes heavily. Why? How did this happen again.
Today she was in a car accident. A fender bender but a time consuming ICBC mess ready to take over her life. That stupid bitch why didn’t she just look while before she decided to back up.
One thing at a time she thinks to her self.
The song changes, delicate piano, and a peaceful voice fill her ears… she realizes, oh no: it’s a love song.
“If you could only see the way he loves her, maybe you could understand…”

She abruptly stops.
Chaotically searching in her sweater she tries to punch the next button but accidentally presses pause and then play then pause again.
Taking her ipod out of her pocket she wants noting but to put an end to this horrible sound in her ear.
Yet, in the midst of the silence she becomes aware of her surroundings.
That’s when she notices him, noticing her.
She half smiles half panics.
Oh no she thinks to her self I look horrible…

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