Sunday, November 2, 2008

A stranger?

She walks slowly, clutching grocery bags
Stepping over mounds of litter she glances at the bare hills.
A tear rolls down her cheek

She seems to be having troubles
He notices
Tightening her grip she persists to drive her body forward

She stumbles over garbage
Airborne, apples flying
She greets the ground with a thump
Apples tumble down the street
Gathering herself and collects her belongings

A warm, calming delicate touch on her shoulder
Gracefully turning her body,
Unknowing of what was to come
of herself, of this place
She composes a smile

He hands her the runaway apples
She thinks she recognizes him
Feeling unsure, but safe in his presence
Standing on the curb, they stare at each others

A blank expression across his face
He gestures to shake her hand
Feeling uneasy
She crawls in her own skin, thinking about retreating

He opens his hand
A piece of paper
Moving his hand, closer
He gestures her to take it
Snatching it she turns to leave
Impatient with time

Opening the note she reads, “I’ll be seeing you”
Startled by the creepy feeling making its way up her back
She turns to yell at him

Confused and full of questions
She quickens her walk
Leaving her feelings along the pavement as she goes

Down the street, around the corner
Arms getting heavy
Legs weaken
steps impact the strength of the sidewalk

Suddenly she falls
Hard, damp, cold cement

She jumps up
Looks down
Only to see herself
Lying on the ground below

The man is now beside her
She notices something
She did not care to notice before
It startles her, as a wave of inner peace engulfs her soul

He motions to her to follow
She walks in his footsteps, leaving the ground behind

She makes her way
Only to know that the world she left behind
Is slowly falling apart


Anonymous said...

i will definitely pass out when a stranger with wings suddenly appears in front of me. (only if the wings are real).

*shivers* lol.

so, she died? :?

Carrie Amie said...

Yes, he was her death angel.

I love reading things that give me shivers! I'm glad that I could create that effect as well.

Thanks for your comment!

xXLeaXx said...

I've got goosebumps by just reading this. You are so good! Keep up!

Anonymous said...

You have a talent, keep using it.


Carrie Amie said...

I originally wrote this one back in high school but was never happy with it, it was really short and just didn't flow right.
I picked it up again about a year ago and it finally came together. One of my favorites for sure!
Thank you both!

I will post new things as often as I can :) I seem to be writing a lot these days...

DragonRaid said...

Whoa. Kinda saw that coming but didn't expect it. lol. nice job.

Anonymous said...

hey nice blog
so you like poems .. this blog might be helpful to u..
did you read out the poetry's ova here

Carrie Amie said...

Yea you can see it coming but I wanted to portray death in more than one day... taking a deeper look you can see that the earth is dying with her or I hope you can see that too.
merci again for the comments

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