Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Break Away

She’s boiling in her own skin.
Tapping her finger faster and faster,
her rage grows like a tulip on steroids.

Can’t take it anymore, but what is she to do?
She’s stuck in this plan with no escape route.
No emergency exit.
How have things come to this and how has she tumbled down this path?

The sun shines around her, people smile and life goes on.
Her outside is only a facade.
She is stuck in this shell and can’t change it.
Taking each step as she was taught to, she continues on.
Forcing smiles, forcing laughter; forcing life.


DragonRaid said...

Is it the pressure of pursuing perfection, which doesn't exist? Is she just hiding her pain from the world? Does she know how to think for herself?

I like your poetry :) keep writing!

Carrie Amie said...

You got it bang on!

Striving for perfection yet feeling so broken inside she wants to escape and make a change but feels too loyal to her commitments in life... So she goes through the motions of each day as an obedient slave meanwhile the pressure builds.

Thanks for your comment, it's nice to see that the meaning behind the poem is visible to others :)

Anonymous said...

many times i feel the same way too. it's hard to resist when people, even by subtle means, push you to do something you actually do not want to do (well, i guess it depends upon the person).. at times, i succumb to this pressure too. i like this poem - i am relating to it.

Carrie Amie said...

I find it interesting to try and figure out why people act/ do what they do, when some times, willing to admit it or not, they should be doing the exact opposite.