Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pretty Girl

Admiring her from afar he befriends the pretty girl. They laugh, enjoying one another in each moment. Desires are masked and hidden away. His feelings grow inside. Ignoring them he moves ahead, choosing words wisely.

He is strong and confident. Good intentions in mind seem to end wrong. Bad decisions have led him to dead end streets. She knows the facts, his history is clear. Chances are given and given again; taken away and crumpled up like paper.

True yearnings seem visible to curious eyes. An undeniable something is just below the surface. His heart in hand, the girl does not realize his true intentions.

Finding the courage to identify his feelings he takes a leap of faith. Diving off the cliff, tumbling fast. To his surprise she catches him. The stars dance around them for a night. Panic settles in, too much is known. She begins walking backwards. Hurting him with every step. Unintentional agony.

The rooms are filled with awkward silences and mixed emotions. Too many things must change for it to work. He is quick to turn cold, erasing their moment. And in an instant he is captured by the girl again; realizing he loves everything about her. Too many unknowns make commitment impossible. Their emotions form waves of hot and cold.

History is at his heals and about to repeat. Respecting him too much she is hurt from his careless decisions. She wishes he’ll grow to achieve his potential. Failing to move forward he reaches more dead end streets. She is sadden by his choices and hurt from his actions. All possibilities vanish as she walks out the door. She is strong and confident never looking back. He does not follow.

A pretty girl alone thinks about him. She has broken her personal tug-o-war, decisions are clear. He will never know, what’s gone.


Tatum Reid said...

Wow you really carried me into another world there, great piece, shows lots of insight!

Carrie Amie said...

A little insight on the poem:
This one was inspired by a real life situation a year ago; and sadly he is still tumbling down dead end streets.