Tuesday, October 28, 2008


She walks around with her heart in hand,
sharing it with everyone.
A heart of pure gold, so caring, so nurturing to those around her.
Putting herself out there,
over and over.
She forgets to put her self first.

She is so strong, but does not even know it.
She is only beginning to learn what she is truly capable of.

Her actions are always thoughtful,
while her words are chosen wisely.
She is conscious of how she acts and what she does
and how this might affect the people around her.

Acting on emotions, she criticizes herself too often.
She strive to be a better person
but, is blind to see she is already there.

She is learning one step at a time
And becoming a person that many would love to be.

The thoughts in her head seem to overpower those of her heart,
they’re much harder to hear.

So slow down bella, you’re doing great.
There’s no need for criticizing,
you’re well on you way.
Know that you are amazing and everyone around you can see it.
Look in the mirror and see it too.

Look long and hard at that reflection staring back at you and see this.

See a woman; a beautiful, strong, and powerful woman
that has achieved so much in so little time.
Recognize those eyes of honestly and that heart of gold,
They belong to you and are shared with all those you grace your presence with.

Have confidence in this,
Have confidence in you.

Now take this feeling and hold it in.
The warmth will keep you,
will guide you the rest of the way.
Your path has only just begun.


Anonymous said...

I love this post. it's so powerful. you are truly a great writer!

Carrie Amie said...

Wow! Thank you so much!

Its about a close friend of mine... she hasn't read it yet, I hope she likes it [fingers crossed].

Anonymous said...

she must be a very humble lady. i hope i'm like her.. haha unfortunately, i'm not. anyway i like this piece, and i like your blog! i'll be hanging around for some time.

by the way, thanks for the comment! i'm encouraged to draw more (lately i've been missing it)

Carrie Amie said...

Thanks and no problem... Personally I find that I have periods of time where I write alot and then down time when I get discouraged. But in those down times, if I just put a pencil in my hand I am usually able to create something unexpected.

Tatum Reid said...

Great post...as always...goosebumps!

Carrie Amie said...

I love that feeling... getting goosebumps simply from reading something!