Saturday, October 25, 2008

A story too short

He came into her life and then left so quickly.
Their story is fresh and it goes like this.

Driving to meet him, she’s nervous.
She put this meeting off for a while now.
Not sure she was ready.
But now she finally got the courage and set the date.

Work ended late and now she’s going to be late.
She hates being late!
Hands on the wheel, foot pressed hard on the gas,
her hearts thumping, mind running wild.
She arrives and pulls into a spot.
Getting out she takes out her phone and dials his number.

“Hey, so where am I going?”

She walks towards the water and sees him.
Her nerves increase ten fold.
They lock eyes smile and hug hello.
It has begun.

They get a bite to eat and walk around chatting
The night passes in an instant.
They talk about everything and anything at all.
Immediately comfortable with each other, it’s a feeling she’s never felt.
It’s just easy.

He walks her to her car and says good-bye.
It is then that she notices her nerves left her.
Thinking back, she realizes they left her as soon as she looked into his eyes.

As she drives away she smiles to herself.
She sends him a text to thank him for the night and decides she want to see him again.

From here their story starts.
They laugh and smile, joking around and playing like kids together.
He appreciates her and she appreciates him.

She feels very fortunate to have met him and can’t stop thinking about him.
Things happen so fast.
For a moment she feels a panic, fully knowing the pain her heart can feel.
Not wanting to get hurt.
But in the blink of an eye the feeling quickly passes as he continues to make her smile and their relationship grows.
They are at ease with one another.

She is surprised at how simple things are, how familiar he feels.
It’s like they have known each other all along.
Their emotions grow together, they are open and don’t hold back.
Honestly is valued as they both have very caring ways about them.
Similar interests and ways of thinking make this an easy step for both.

He meets her close friends and her family.
To her surprise they all approve.
Something that has never happened before.

She can’t stop smiling from the inside out.
She has let go and let him in more quickly than she has with anyone before.

He goes away for business, which seems like forever.
They talk each night missing each other madly.
Counting the days until they get to see one another again.

Waiting impatiently to see him, she gets worried.
Why hasn’t he called?
Hoping he’s ok, she worries something has happened.
She has faith in knowing he will call, he always does.

When he finally does she wishes he hadn’t.
He’s ending it for reasons he’s not quite sure of.
An ex needs his help and he can’t split his heart.

He did it, and just like that they’re done.
Now for one last time, they meet to say goodbye.

They walk together to her spot.
She holds back, wanting nothing more but to kiss him, to hold him.
Tiny raindrops barely make a mark on the pavement and gently cover them in a cold blanket.

Stopping at the edge of the dock she looks to his eyes.
Don’t go.
Please stay here with me.
He explains he can’t, his heart is torn.
He wants to stay but needs to go.
Yet their chemistry is evident to everyone.
But no, their story has ended.

The rain begins to pour but they don’t move.
Captured by one another and the moment they are stuck in.
Their hearts ache together.

Finding shelter, they avoid talking about their situation.
Laughing together about nothingness.
But as their laughter ends and they are brought back to the harsh reality of them, and the feeling they can no longer have.
They are over come by the silence, starring into one another’s eyes

It’s the sad ending of what used be.
What used to be so perfect.
Sitting there with tears in their eyes, they don’t want to leave one another.
The pull is so strong between them, why are they ignoring it.

He walks her to her car and holds her close.
Under one umbrella they stand there, not making a sound while the rain pours down around them.
Not wanting to walk away they remain like this for some time.
He rubs her back and gently moves the hair from her face.
It is then he notices the tears rolling down her cheeks.
With one finger he lovingly wipes them away.

She wants to scream and run away.
“Why can’t you see me? I’m right here in front of you”
But instead she holds him tightly not wanting to let go.
Trying her best to be understanding.
Pulling her head back to look in his eyes she is taken in by him once again.
Their foreheads touch, then their noses.
And then like two magnets their lips lock together.
She has lost all control over her body as he holds her tight and kisses her with an indescribable passion.

The world around them melts away. Sounds disappear, as all she can feel is him.

They must have said goodbye a million times that night.
But when it finally came time to leave, to hold in the tears and walk away, she felt so empty.
Their paths split as they drove away.


random thoughts from a random person said...

A lot of emotion...Makes you feel along with it!! Great poem!!!

Tatum Reid said...

Loved reading it !Great emotion!
It's like my eyes got pulled to the next line in expectation!keep it up!

Carrie Amie said...

Thanks, I would compare this one to a roller-coaster. Pulls you up and then down and its over before you even realize that it started.