Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seductive Potency

Your gentle touch sends shiver through my body
Rolling like waves,
Creeping and crawling down my spine to the tips of my curled toes

I’m relaxed in moments of passionate rage
An intoxicating craving
Wanting more, but cautious to let you in
Barriers crumble as we crash through my defenses
Giving in

Look deep into my eyes
Kiss me now and take me further
Into an ecstatic trance
Where the world melts away
Leaving only you and I

Sounds disappear, encapsulated in this ferocious fire
Only melodies of two hearts beating as one
Chased by echo’s of erratic breaths

Tightly griping your body, clenching my teeth
I’m whisked away from reality
To a euphoria of astonishing colors
A place we run wild
Don't let go


Jane said...

Woah! Nice use of adjectives kitten:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and just the words I want to say to my guy!! I like this very much

Carrie Amie said...

Thanks. I really like this one too.

Anonymous said...

i really truly love this do some more please!!!!!!!!!!!! smile i am serious i want to here more.. your are great