Sunday, April 19, 2009

The games we play without playing...

He approaches her with a liquid confidence so true. No is not an answer. Second try, now her attention is grasped. Clouds beneath while they hover in mid air tangled together. The rules are broken, when eyes are blinded. Successful attempts lead to repeat encounters of ecstasy. Dawn breaks with passionate embraces, quick goodbyes and a strong face to greet reality with a sweet hello. Frequent touch leads to unspoken concerns. Slowly working their way to the surface. Past wounds bleed again, as actions are surrounded by uncertainty and infatuation. Passion explodes when reality is held back. Confidence remains when 2 become 1 and bolts back again when real shapes are taken. The truth lingers there beneath the surface, waiting to be captured… To be discovered. Strength slowly withers away and weakens one, empowering the other. Time wasn’t taken, when moments were stolen. Bowing her head and admitting defeat she disappears into the shadows. It takes time to see what was there and what was lost. He doesn’t know.

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