Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once Upon A Happily Ever After

Tell me a story that begins with once upon a time. A sweet tale that ends in happily ever after…

Once upon a time a boy meets girl and admires her from afar. Too nervous for words his body dares not to move in her direction. He waits in time, watching. Falling in before he knows it.

He catches a glimpse of that sparkle in her eye, the cheeky curl of her lip and her wacky facial expressions. He notices her heart on the edge of her sleeve and wonders how long she has worn it that way. The beauty of this selfless act leaves him in awe. Deeper he goes.

When he looks at her time freezes, making each moment a magical daydream. Hair glowing golden flows around her face, framing her stunning smile and juicy lips. He sees each movement as a graceful dance. He is the only one in the audience. The curves of her body call to him, telling him to stay longer.

Standing there he takes it all in, solid like a cement status he holds on to each moment for later.

Building strength and taking a step forward, he leans in to whisper in her ear. She stops and listens quietly. All sounds disappear as the two of them are whisked away. Turning to see him she smiles, like she already knows him. But, just as nervous as he. She steps into his world.

And just like that their tales begun, as quick as it was. He pursues her with an utterly true purity of adoration, knowing he’s found something unlike anything else. He has never been here before. Never allowed things to get like this.

She watches his actions with questions. Learning about him from each interaction. Enjoying the power of his confidence and the safety she feels in his arms. Holding back what she knows, she tries to take each moment for what it is. She looks into his eyes to learn more. He turns away.

She pictures the future with him and forgets to live in the now. Damaging their connection, it was never intentional. Steps start walking backwards, as distance pushed them apart.

Loosing intensity he felt so strong he backs away to test her reaction. She plays the game and continues walking backwards only hurting herself more. Panic settles in and takes over her thoughts. She thinks of him often. He does not give in, desperately wanting her to come back.

He wonders why she walks backwards so quickly, not realizing that she keeps tripping on her own two feet. Something’s just not right.

Backing into a barricade her heart placed there without her mind knowing, she realizes her faults. It takes two. Following her crooked path forward, she crosses her fingers hoping it will lead back to him.

She ends up back at his door, with no courage to knock. Staring at the chipping paint and her reflection in the door handle, she freezes. Taking erratic breaths of air she attempt to calm her nerves. Relaxing her body if only a bit she makes a fist and goes to knock.

Sitting on his couch staring blankly into the TV, he doesn’t know what to do. Feelings that come so fast are hard to be true. Yet she’s on his mind he can’t deny, it can’t be ignore any longer. Taking a stand he makes a choice. Marches to the door grabs his keys and unlocks the latch.

And at the very moment he turns the knob her hand makes contact with the door. The sound echoes through both of their ears, like the beating of a powerful drum. How did this happen? She smiles nervously as his hands drive straight for her face. He brings her into him and kisses her so passionately. She melts in his arms. That night they found one another... happily ever after.


Valerie Wangnet said...

So effortlessly beautiful!

Carrie Amie said...

Thank you... hopefully we all get our happily ever after

Mahak.... said...

u write really well and its really touchy :)

angiie. said...

aww its so sweet :)

Carrie Amie said...

thank you...

Good news: I actually started writing my novel again. Thinking about posting bits and pieces. :)