Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In DrEaMs

Tonight I close my eyes and fall into an angry nightmare. Enclosed by death, demented life and tortured souls. I dare not move.

Power within me builds until I cannot hold it anymore. Tonight I breathe in deeply and throw daggers at you... my target

All in black, my eyes are frozen, breaths shallow in a face with no feeling. I am bitter, holding the remains of a dark, defective and cracked heart.

I do not feel. I take aim and release with a vicious wave of hate. One dagger after another passes through the tips of my fingers on a collision course, only for you.

No one dares to come near. It is me they all fear. Never believing I could come to this.

Built up frustrations are yours to hold. I don’t even see you.

I’m much stronger than you anticipated. Relentless hits, create pure destruction.

I do not stop. Hostility.

Cracks expand and grow all over your body. They’re crackling shrieks echoing off sharp rock faces that now surround us.

You can’t take it; this lesson does not give up. The crackling intensifies as your body quivers.

And then in one magnificent moment the force breaks through, with a low howling depth and takes your soul.

My arm collapses and falls to my side, hand shaking with rage.

I awake from pure evil to see nothing in front of me but look down to see a hollow nothingness in my chest. I cannot feel.

I am capable of much more than you think. You don’t know me one bit.


Valerie Wangnet said...

I love the imagery in this piece - original and powerful. I hope the novel is coming along well. All the best.

Carrie Amie said...

Thank you. The strange part of this poem... its about someone I used to know very well, hadn't talk to him in a long time and after I posted this he called... weird :)
I haven't actually touched the novel in a long time. But lately I almost feel as if its calling me... time to pick it up and get to it I think!