Monday, April 20, 2009

Off Course

I disguise myself for you.
A figure of me stands in place.
I appear strong and confident; when in truth there is a lot I hide.

Beneath the surface lies tales of hurt and betrayal that make it difficult to trust.
Insecurities live here reminding me how powerless I am.

I do not know what to do
What move to make
Or how to find you

I’m lost in my own thoughts
Over thinking my actions
over and over

I have fallen hard,
Fallen deep down and I am still climbing out
Looking for the strength that has been taken from me and made me frail

Take a chance on me
I’m well worth the wait
Give me a chance to show you me and for me to find a way to you

I wish I could escape from my own head
These thoughts hurt me too often and cause replayed pain… Again

I want peace of mind
I want time with you
Guiding my way… Through crumbled directions and an outdated map


Valerie Wangnet said...

This piece is so tragic, i loved "Guiding my way… Through crumbled directions and an outdated map" - what a perfect way to tie up the despair in the poem. Thanks so much for posting and looking forward to reading your previous posts!

Carrie Amie said...

That's my favorite part of this piece. Thanks!