Friday, December 5, 2008

Taking MY Place

Head games
Mind games
Turn me inside out

Advice to others so simple
Principles so clear
Not so black and white

Learning to listen to me
Inch by inch

Living with my actions
Happy to be

Letting go and seeing life
Who are we standing at the brink of a storm?

Something’s coming that’s for sure
With a great strength it seeks me out

Ready for whatever it might be
I’m waiting patiently
Arms crossed
Mind running wild

Beating all the tests
I won’t go down
Creating my own path

I will discover my destiny
It’s just around the bend
Learning I was right all along

True potential straight ahead
Take the wheel and steer


William H. Balzac said...

~~That is the spirit,
shining bright.

All the best.


Carrie Amie said...