Tuesday, December 16, 2008


They say it’s blind
It’s easy
But only comes along every once and a while

They say it’s special and different each time
And you’ll know it when you see it

When you’re looking for it
You won’t find it
When you want it
It won’t come
Instead it sneaks up when you least expect it
And takes you for a ride

They say there’s different kinds
Sometimes only lasting for a short time
But the best last, they’re eternal

They say to hold on to it, never let go
And to cherish it when you have it

Truth is its tough
And can really hurt

It’s hard to find
And even harder to keep

Yet we all still search for it relentlessly
Wanting nothing more
To feel it once again
To have it for a lifetime

Because the good the bad it doesn’t matter
It’s all so amazing


peace.love.and blue jeans. said...

such a beautiful description.
even though I am going through the depths of heartbreak at the moment, I know that love comes and goes and eventually it will come back into my life.
I love your poem.
describes it perfectly.

Carrie Amie said...

Thanks! When going through tough times its always good to keep 'hope' and have faith that it will happen again and to remember that its really all around us.