Thursday, December 11, 2008


You’re not alone
I’m still here
I won’t go

Stop those thoughts in your head and

Empty you head and step back.

For some reason you can’t see what others do,
See it too and stand proud

Life’s a journey we travel alone
But the greatest part is sharing it with a select few

Happiness doesn’t come easy
We wouldn’t appreciate it if it did
We might not even acknowledge it
If it all, was easy

We are meant to fall
And to get back up again.
Grow stronger than before and take control

Stumbling over obstacles seems to take us out for a while
It’s ok

Keep that head of yours up
Look to the sky and

Good things will come to you
Be able to recognize them
Hold on with all your might

Learn to see the beauty around you
And how lucky you really are

The bad can get you down
But the good will pick you up again

A torn heart, broken
Thoughts a storm
Brewing in your head
Seems so out of control
But wait


It’s you there in the silence
Fighting to get out

Have faith in life
In destiny
Your turn will come
Your turn is here


Michael said...

Great message being said here, and a wonderful fact if it is your personal approach to life.


Carrie Amie said...

I wrote this one as encouragement for a friend but never gave it...