Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Cold and damp, her head feels heavy.
Taking a look around she sees nothing but haze.
Clearing her eyes, she blinks until a picture exposes its self.

Branches above with fragile tiny buds.
Clear sky, warm sun, and green grass tickling the back of her neck.
She can feel bulky roots beneath her back.

Disoriented she tries to remember.
What has happened here?
She climbs to her feet and catches her balance, unstable in her own shoes.

She listens to the sounds around her.
Children giggle, loved ones chat and animals converse all at once.
She’s lost.

Rubbing her eyes, she feels a pain in her chest.
It’s broken but still beating.

She has tumbled a long way to end up here,
and has now forgotten how to soar.

She finds peace in helping others
and caring for those near to her.

Assuming her role.
Now on two feet planted firmly on the ground.
It’s much more work,
takes time and attention.

She knows not, what she’s become.
Yet, attempts to slowly piece the puzzle together,
knowing she will rise above once again.
Here for now.


Muadita said...

Well, after reading your stuff, i have a feeling a good writer. Keep it up i would be reading your material.

Anonymous said...

Got it!

Carrie Amie said...

Thank you. There is a lot of hidden meaning in this one. I am curious to see if it is visible to the reader, let me know what you think, what you get from this and what is it really about...?

glenellynboy said...

hidden meaning has a habit of going around and around and never hitting home. too much meaning of the hitting home type needed in my life, anyway. but even so, the circulation of hidden meaning gets you onto the page and things can get a hearing that way. i like the sound of your verse. you have a good attitude. it makes me feel engaged.