Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weak in the knees

Splitting myself in two
Much harder than it seems
When all I want is you

Trying to tear head from heart
When mind speaks words the heart does not want to hear
Heart retaliates more powerful than ever
The battles begun

Awkwardly nervousness seems to explain the way I am
Worried about getting hurt and wandering down that same old road
Yet this road isn’t something familiar

Wishing I could step back and learn to listen to my instincts

Things happened so quickly I can’t find which ways forward
Where’s my next move?

I need to relax but I don’t know how
Jump ship or wait till you play your next card?
The beginnings so confusing
Feeling so amazing with you
I’m afraid
Moving so fast I can’t keep up with the pace

I’m not that girl, nervous and jealous
But it’s created when chance encounters present obstacles for me
I run straight into them, a full body collision
Not knowing what to do

Can we just fast-forward together to a time I’m yours and you’re mine

My hearts in deep and my head even further
I’m so flabbergasted

I can’t tell what this is or really explain what’s going on
Please make the move and claim me for you to keep
Vulnerabilities not easy to swallow


ilikewinter said...

Whoa, read this at the appropriate time! Feeling this way just now, actually. I just pushed "next blog" after mine on blogger and up came your poem.

It's frustrating to feel like this... (at least to me!)

Carrie Amie said...

Very Frustrating to feel this way... just gotta live in the moment as they say, what's meant to be will happen regardless of what you do.

Thanks for the comment

Leanna said... strong writing!!!

ilikewinter said...

Agreed, Carrie (Amie - do you go by both names in general?). It also makes you feel a bit helpless to be in that situation.

Carrie Amie said...

I go by Carrie-Amy then have a handful of nicknames :) Thanks for the support!