Monday, January 31, 2011

Chasing TAILS

Busy busy our paths are hard to come to one
Timetables fill so quickly
While thinking of you

Your encouraging words speak positively
To a girl too fragile to admit
Controlling herself to let go

You’re a hard one to read
I want to bring you closer, but don’t know what you’re after

We have been here, a different time
I want this time to be better
Watch it grow

Why do I worry so much, how can I stop?
Maybe it’s because this will happen
And deep down I’m scared to be vulnerable

When intentions come to surface
I want to be yours


Anonymous said...

Oh my just tell her! Your words beautiful, show them to her.

Carrie Amie said...

I don't usually show my words to the people I write them about... (ps. it would be tell him)

thayer472 said...

Wow, this is like reading my just-ended-two-year relationship in a nutshell. Very easy to relate too and also very beautifully written!