Sunday, February 27, 2011


My eyes swell up, consumed by tears by the thought of you
The mention of your name
Passing by your familiar places
A reflection I thought I saw

How has it been a year without you?
I don’t know how I’ve done it
Without your wise advice and companionship

It was you that held the family together
The wise figure reining over us all

I wanted more time with you
Its not fair they too you

This will never be easy as I’m forced to live without you

Missing you always and
Loving you so


Kushuka said...

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I've lived a day. said...

you feel perception, hard to form into language, negative space can be seen, I see it in blank pages. You say thoughts well.

LJ said...


KAT said...

I really relate to some of the things on your blog. At a certain time in my life I felt the pain of living without some one of my best friends. You describe it so perfectly...The places, reminders of the memories. They can bring a smile to your face but a tear to your eye. Thank you for your understanding. There are not many who can be found that have the same grasp as to what is is really like.

Stephanie said...

So simply said... absolutely beautiful.

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