Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family ties

Our relationship is one of passing ships
Blaring horns hello as we go from port to port

I have no doubt you’d be there for me if a crisis arose and I needed your help.

It’s the everyday stuff I need you for. A warming voice a helping hand that I have longed for since I was a child seeking your approval but never really getting it.

To be honest our relationship sucks. I call you to talk, ask for your advice
Answer the call with an annoyed too busy for you tone of voice each time “WHAT---“ then just end the call with no goodbye

Do you know these actions hurt those around you? Do you know how the tone of your voice can make me feel useless and unimportant?

I’ve tried to build a relationship with you, one better than we have. But its been no use because each time I do it’s canceled, rebooked or forgotten.

Why do I have to get upset, frustrated with tears before you help me. This family is treading on water, relationships thin as paper.

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