Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fight or Flight

Retreat, retreat, turn around and run. Book it out of here; escape the reality of tripping before you fall.

Wanting your attention
Craving your touch
My heart fears pain and sends messages to my legs to run

I battle myself, trying to hold on to something I’m used to. All too comfortable with you and settling in.

This scares me more than I’ll ever admit. I fall to my knees, protected here in my sanctuary.

Sitting here peacefully, taking in the sun, the sounds of water dancing in the sea and the metallic clatter of the rising dock… my nerves relax and release my troubles into the wind.

Away they go.

I still worry of where to go, but for now I breathe a little more freely, seeing the panic is not worth anxiety’s emotional pull on my identity.

I’m good at faking normality when inside I want to shake my head and scream and run.

Abandon ship?
Sinking lifeboats.

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