Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurts It Stings

You’re words are so hurtful
You really have no idea
Instead you use this tool like mass weapons
Aimed to do their worst

It’s time to turn off and block things coming from you
I see your lips move
So I create nothing but silence
Looking closer I try to read what you speak
Block those lips and fade them out

You’re just a figure standing in front of me
Silent with rage, infused with anger and ready to strike
You can’t strike when there’s no target for you to take aim

I’m stronger than this, won’t take it no more
Beat me down and I’ll try harder to tower over you

You know how to hurt me, what things to say and how to talk
Now blocked, you have no ammunition left

Needing to stop this for my own sanity
An impenetrable force field


Elle Laine said...

I really identified with this post. It's the path many of us end up taking for self preservation. I've seen my daughters take it to escape abusive husbands. I took it to rid myself of a lifetime of brokeness and hurt from my father.
But I am looking for the post True North. Did you delete it??
I found it this morning on my blogs list and immediately fell in love with the words.
I too blog at the suggestion of others and am working on my first novel (it's still in my head at this time :).
Visit me at The Music In My Heart and leave a comment :)
Elle @

Carrie Amie said...

Hello, and thank you for your comment. I think its a path many people take at some point. True North was written in 2011, March. It's still there. :)

lolet said...

you write so nice!