Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chaotic Restraint

Deep breaths don’t calm the inside
Now what’s on your mind?

Impatience something difficult to over come
When nothing comes out except for manifested, unrealistic worries

A firm grip so far from reach
I like the pain
Use to the hurt
Play simplistic charades with the world

Fairytales looming in the back of my mind
Come to tragic ends in reality

Sneak away to another life
My dreams keep me safe

Living comfortably between these sheets


Anonymous said...

deep, painful

Carrie Amie said...

I don't like days that I feel like that... thank goodness for my Moleskine and pencil :)

Anonymous said...

deep breaths, privy to my thoughts, I pray this is you, so passionate, and I pray it isn’t- so tormented and unable to comfort.

Anonymous said...

I like the rhythm you have going with this poem.

LJ said...

That's so touching.

Stephanie said...

oh so very true... love it!

Muhammad Hussain said...

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