Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disturbed Anger Saddens my Soul

Go to that place you won’t find me there
No escape from this, there’s no way out

Don’t ask me how I feel, you’ll get no answer out of me.
I suffer in silence with no one there.
I will not speak.

My hand reaches out, the worlds too busy without me.
I walk this tight rope road, with bloody stains marking my path.
It digs in, a raging pain that never leaves.

This pain won’t get into me, it won’t take control.
A wall that will not fall, even as pieces crumble away.

My perspective is missed, as again and again it gets dumped on me.

Where’s my angel, left me alone always
My wings damaged from giving too much

I can’t voice these frustrations that float about.
Interpretations take too many liberties without seeing true meaning.

I’d leave if I could, run from it all
These anchors hold me in place as I tug and pull trying to get free,
Running on this treadmill, too long

Sick with pain, it’s all buried in here
Coming up to hurt me more as I dig deeper to hide it all

It's lonely here, with only this ghost standing by my side,
shaking his head in disappointment
Not speaking at all

My strength is only here because I am as stubborn as can be
Don’t want to be alone with my thoughts I drowned them out with mind numbing routines, just to pass time

I’m hurt but I can’t tell you, you can’t hear me as I am.
So instead I vent to paper without judgment.

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