Wednesday, May 12, 2010

?Me? ?Myself? & ??

It’s amazing the conversations you hold in you head for no one else to hear, every word unsaid. Contemplating life, everyday choices, what’s happening and where to go.

I imagine how things could be different, where I might be, who I could be. I yearn to live in the moment, fly off the handle and act irrationally. Instead I require planning and too much control over my own destiny, am I asking too much?

I’m learning to let go and relax within each situation; my life is mine to make what I want.

I’ll admit I’m a little lost, unable right now to read where I should go.

My commitments here, keep me locked in place. Even though my soul fights to be free. I need to find my escape, my something to discover. For I feel as if I’m settling for the life of the norm.

I desire to be carefree and to do as I please. To speak my mind, affect the life of others and to make a difference.

It’s all happening too slowly. Am I stuck in one place? Or can I not see what I already have?

I will find my answers, when it’s time, here reading between the lines.


Average Terran said...

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Hoping you have a great week,

Carrie Amie said...

Thank you! your blog is very good as well! said...

Enjoyed your blog, keep it up!

A G Paxton said...

this is really good. makes me think. if you like poetry check out my blog =]

DreadKitty said...

First time I ever commented on someone elses blog - but that was weird. It was like reading my own thoughts!

There's good stuff here. Keep going - I hope you find the answers.


Carrie Amie said...

Thank you everyone. I will keep writing until I get it... whatever it is I am searching for~