Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wandering Wonder

Happy with him, my thoughts are clear
Heart is present and wanting more.

When he’s not near my mind wanders
Some how finding its way to you

I’ve let go of our connection
And yet its still there
Catching me off guard and causing me to wonder

My strength weakens when it comes to you
The one that left me so confused

No passionate moments to prove me right
I fell for you, only through sight
No touch of your lips or sweet caress

I’m waiting here
Moving on, living as if I’m strong without you

The act becomes easier as time passes me by
My emotions held by two

He’s nothing like you
Our connections completely different.
Its new and exciting
Innocent and easy
Communications no puzzle I have to decipher
Its open and free

I can’t help these emotions left here from you
The remainders of something so perfect
The remainders of what you took from me.

I piece myself back together, with one gap to fill

You hold the piece, I need it back

Link vanishing

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