Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lifes Edge

Standing at the end, rocks trap her feet. Tall spindly grass scales the cliff side in a desperate search of a hospitable home. Below, all is still. Framed into a photograph of no action, she remains. Sturdy and tough, her body like a boulder. Looking out into an endless horizon, she feels pulled away from where she thinks she belongs.

The waters calm and serene, almost winking at her, enticing her, testing her will to choose her own path.

She ponders life. Dreams the impossible. But tires her soul.

Time ticks away as she stands still. Questioning right/ wrong, morals and beliefs; hesitant to make a move... when nothings ever perfect.

Change affects everything around her. Her environment begins a magical metamorphosis.

The wind carries in a sweet nectar as the wave crash through peace. Yet silence persists.